Venusian mufta takes you to a purple world you see from a distance for some time, approaching through space. You see its purple land, its purple seas, its purple clouds.

Space, you also learn, is not cold. Nor is it hot. Radiation bursting forth from near and distant suns becomes heat, but only when it strikes your body. Unobstructed, these rays would and do continue on forever, never hot, never cold.

The soft features of the purple world become more distinct, as shallow lakes rise to become low hills. You share your destination with other souls, floating through space and closing together and you descend with them. Your feet stretch down to touch the rising earth and .. then .. then .. the soles of your feet make contact with the ground and your body begins to support itself.

Ankles first, calf muscles tightening, knees, thighs and groin, back, stomach, chest. Between your bones little cushions are pressed down, taking some of the strain. Your back bends a little and your arms become weighty, suspended heavily from your shoulders. The strong muscles of your neck keeps your head from falling over as it bobs towards the ground. Your eyeballs move to the bottom of their sockets, your tongue drops to the floor of your mouth and your heart beats a little harder to keep your brain, floating restlessly within your skull, fed with blood.

You feel tired and lower yourself to the faintly squirming mass of bodies beneath you, shivering in the cold and pumping thin red liquid to keep their minds alive.

From the sky falls the rain of the newly dead.